Guide to the old Vilnius University campus


Detalus senamiesčio ir Vilniaus Universiteto lankytinų vietų gidas. Šis leidinys yra anglų kalba. Aprašas žemiau.


Vilnius University is an inseparable part of Vilnius and its old town, well-known to every inhabitant of the city. To the tourists and guests of Vilnius it is one of the main sights to see and visit – on par with Gediminas’ Tower, Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius Town Hall and the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

The oldest institution of higher education in Lithuania, Vilnius University preserved not only its historical buildings, but also many colourful stories of individuals that studied or taught here – stories entwined in legends and worthy of a writer’s quill. Academics famous all over Europe and notable men of science and culture have taught or studied in Vilnius University; the first Lithuanian book, the first dictionary, the first Lithuanian history in native tongue – all of them are closely bound to these buildings.

One will be keen to notice that the students, teachers, and employees of Vilnius University can hardly resist the spirit of the old campus, its cosy courtyards, historical halls, corridors, arcades, and the history that is written daily by the new generation of students. Imaginative facts, legends, experiences, stories encourage us to wonder, study and create. There is a perpetual need for new knowledge to be acquired, new discoveries to be made, because on this campus beats the heart of curiosity and creativity. The history of the University cannot be contained by thirteen courtyards – it is scattered throughout Vilnius and beckons you for a stroll in its company.

Guide to the old Vilnius University campus / Nijolė Bulotaitė ; [translator Gediminas Auškalnis]. – Vilnius : Vilnius University Press, 2020 (Vilnius : Petro ofsetas). – 109, [1] p. : iliustr., faks., portr. ; 21 cm.