Clubs for Older Adults

Club goals: promote the employment of older workers; encourage active lifestyle; uphold meaningful communication; reduce loneliness, confinement, isolation from society.

Club activities include: literary afternoon; themed evenings; Lectures; discussions and meetings with various litterateurs (poets, writers, journalists, etc.).

Meeting point: Kalvariju library (Kalvarijų st. 29)

Club goals: provide an opportunity for community members to meet and interact; form a space to create and share experiences, knowledge and skills; enable active and meaningful leisure; promote a healthy lifestyle for themselves and others; help in a difficult situation.

Club activities include: preparation of regular club meetings operational initiatives, meetings; organize creative evenings, educational activities, exhibitions and other events; recreation and employment organization.

Meeting point: Justiniškių library (Justiniškių st. 62 a)

Club goal: to bring together community seniors, allowing them to find an interesting and meaningful way to spend their time.

Club activities include: themed evenings, lectures, meetings, literary and musical afternoons.

“To live is not to breathe but to act. The man who has lived the most is not he who has counted the most years but he who has most felt life.” – a qute by Jean Jacques Rousseau. These words exactly inspired the name of the club – “The Spring“. It is a place, where the water spurts; Senior club is a place, where you can gain knowledge, share opinions and communicate. Why was it established in a library, you may ask. It is because library is open and friendly to people of all age. The club is open to all the community of seniors and library visitors.

Meeting time: every last Wednesday of the month

Meeting point: Vilnius Central Library (Žirmūnų st. 6)